Sweden's first charging station is inaugurated

In connection with the meeting of EU Ministers in Åre, County Governor Britt Bohlin will inaugurate Green Highway's and Jämtkraft's very first charging station for electric cars. An important step in driving forward the development of electric cars.

Publicerad 2009-07-23

Jämtkraft's charging station in Åre is the first of a number of charging stations that will cover all of the Green Highway – Sundsvall, Östersund and Trondheim. The Green Highway will create a green transport corridor through investments in electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, renewable fuels, testing and development as well as building and promoting awareness of these. Building charging stations is an important part of the development. Read more on www.greenhighway.nu.

Electroengine in Sweden AB is the company that is developing Jämtkraft's electric car, Saab 9-3. The company has signed a letter of intent concerning the collaboration in the continued development and testing of electric cars, focusing on how they function under winter conditions.  

Inauguration of the charging station: 23 July 18:45 at Åre Station.  

Take this opportunity to see and test electric cars with an electrical drive system that can be installed in existing cars in only a few hours.  

For further information contact: Mikael Hagman, Event Organiser Jämtkraft, 070-273 46 78.